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24th birthday at Rise

Rise Restaurant has since changed management and head chefs I took my family out to Rise this week for another celebration of my birthday! Once upon a time, I filled out a membership form which...

Rise – 3 year anniversary special Omakase degustation

Rise Restaurant has since changed management and head chefs Oh, the food was fabulous, I'll definitely be back. How often have you said those words after having a satisfying meal? Well, I've committed that crime too...
Yoshii-Restaurant, Syndey

Valentines Day at Yoshii Restaurant

I celebrated Valentines Day a day early this year because the man had a work thing on the next night. That makes this post exactly 41 days late. Nonetheless, the 'Yoshii Course' degustation was truly memorable and simply marvelous. Even just reading through the menu, I can recall the taste of the black cod marinated with blue cheese flavoured miso. Ah, and the milk fed sashimi served with forest mushroom dressing was divine also... as was the blue swimmer crab and goats curd avocado roll.
Nagoya-Yakiniku, Syndey,

Nagoya Yakiniku

This post was due a few weeks back when I was craving Yakiniku. Nagoya doesn't compete against Iwa in terms of class, style and presentation... but hey! It's a buffet. That's right -all you can eat for 1.5 hours.

Iwa, Japanese Yakiniku Dining Room

I've heard many positive rants about Iwa. So, during last week's APEC chaos in the city, I decided to head north with my family to celebrate some new opportunities. Oh... and let me just say, I absolutely love Wagyu.


I've been waiting for the perfect excuse to spend $185 a head (plus drinks) on Tetsuya's 10 course degustation. And here it was... the first birthday of jenius.com.au, which also coincided with my very own birthday! As the countdown begun, I eagerly read up and drooled over every review online. The week before, I started fantasizing about Tetsuya's signature dish. How it intrigued me... the texture and taste of what lay beneath the crusty konbu (kelp).
Rise-Restaurant, Darlinghurst

Let’s Rise again!

It's been a while since I've last food blogged. To be precise, it's been over 3 weeks of the flu, fever, cold, cough and aching joints. But seeing that my taste buds had started to come back to life, Zen and I decided to Rise again! Hooray to yummy sashimi!

everybody loves ramen

Winnie was back in Sydney. Here we are at Ichi ban boshi. Nothing much has changed since my last visits.

Omakase (degustation) @ Rise Restaurant

The menu was really impressive and forced a battle in my mind between the degustation or the a la carte. There's actually 30% off the Omakase menu on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays, but we decided go for the whole experience anyway. The degustation it was.
Ishiya japanese stonegrill, Melbourne

Ishiya Japanese StoneGrill

The first time I heard about stone-grilling, I was rather turned off... I had pictured a succulent piece of steak on an ordinary slab of rock. How primitive and unhygienic! Stone-grilling is actually an ancient method of cooking, adopted from the Egyptians and Vikings. The stone is heated at 400 degrees celsius, and allows you to quickly seal in all flavours. It provides a standard cooking time of up to 1 hour...

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