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Seoul-Ria, Syndey City

Seoul Ria

I feel like I'm right at the heart of Seoul. There's a lot of clatter as staff follow the ringing of table bells. It's such a lively room. Hungry people join the queue every couple of minutes. I scan the room, and large majorities of the crowd appear to be Korean. Ah, perfect... an authentic Korean restaurant. Families, students, large groups and working couples all look content with their meals. Food really does soothe the soul.
Kimchi Mandoo

Korean Food Crawl around Strathfield – an I Ate My Way Through Meetup

Here at I Ate My Way Through, we love any excuse to go on a food crawl. So to celebrate the Korean harvest festival of Chuseok - a mid-autumn time of celebration where South...

Moon Park, Redfern

Most people reading this post by now would have ventured into one of the many Korean hubs around Sydney and already have a favourite place to get their “Korean fix” Most people would also...

Nene Chicken

If you're like me and believe that fried chicken is a food sent straight from the gods themselves, then you'll either be crazy excited to know that NeNe Chicken has finally opened up in...

Ginza, Japanese at Burwood

Ginza has closed It has been well over 4 weeks since I was released from hospital with severe gastroenteritis and placed on a strict diet of bland foods. Boring, it was. But now that I'm...
Strata Poca, Strathfield

Stra Pocha (Korean BBQ), Strathfield

It is hard to miss Stra Pocha- a smokey red building opposite the Strathfield railway station (on the quieter side). At 6.30pm, this Korean BBQ restaurant was packed with locals. When we ordered the 'special hot sauce BBQ chicken' the waitress whom had limited-english, warned us that it was very hot and we weren't allowed to make a complaint if it was unedible. This was enticing enough for us to order without hesitation. I love my food fiery hot.
Korean Cultural Office, KCO, Korean Cooking Class, Bibimbap

Dolsot Bibimbap Cooking Class – Korean Cultural Office

The cold winds in the air are telling us that Winter is coming, and there's nothing like snuggling into the depths of a warm bed and binge-watching some movies and TV with a hot...
Food Guide to Lunar New Year

Food Guide to Lunar New Year

Those who listen to ABC Local radio will have heard me guest on Nightlife with Rod Quinn last Monday night (20th January)! It was great fun sharing my Lunar New Year know-how with such...
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West Side Seoul Tour – Food and Culture

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JKfgp6x4NY I’ve never been particularly keen on travel tours. To me, it always seemed to involve a coach full of people who hop blearily off at each destination, take a selfie or two and then hop...
Se Jong Korean, Campsie

Se Jong (Korean Restaurant), Campsie

This is ultimately my favourite Korean restaurant! The service is excellent (I love how they cook the food for you), the staff are super friendly and they really care about their customers. I walked in on a Sunday afternoon after the lunch operating hours and they were more than happy to re-open for just a table of two! However, the best thing about this restaurant is it's price and authenticity.

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