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Yakiniku-Kotatsu, Japan

Yakiniku Kotatsu (焼肉 虎龍), Osaka, Japan

Earlier on in the trip, the boys and I had a serious craving for beef and luckily stumbled across this glamorous yakiniku (grill) restaurant called Kotatsu. The girls went back to the awesome tempura...
Hyang-Won-Korean-Restaurant, Strathfield

Spicy hot pot… ready for Winter

Strathfield is where I go when I want something local, quick and fast. There are Korean restaurants across every main street. Today, we decided to revisit Hyang Won, which is popular for the hot pots or barbeques. I love the spicy octopus, marinated beef, tofu and vegetable hot pot. Priced at $35, it is more than enough to feed 2 people... served piping hot with typical Korean condiments (kimchi, fish cakes, seaweed salad and caramelised potatoes).

Moon Park, Redfern

Most people reading this post by now would have ventured into one of the many Korean hubs around Sydney and already have a favourite place to get their “Korean fix” Most people would also...
Korean Cultural Office, KCO, Korean Cooking Class, Bibimbap

Dolsot Bibimbap Cooking Class – Korean Cultural Office

The cold winds in the air are telling us that Winter is coming, and there's nothing like snuggling into the depths of a warm bed and binge-watching some movies and TV with a hot...

Cooking classes at the Korean Cultural Office + Recipes for Kimchi Stew and Bulgogi

This has to be one of the best kept secrets in the realm of cooking classes in Sydney. At just $50 each class ($30 for members with membership being just $25) or $180 for...
Hanabi, Lidcombe

Hanabi, Lidcombe

Hanabi at Lidcombe is the sister restaurant to its city (cnr Pitt St & Liverpool St) establishment. While the condiments are quite enjoyable, I found that the hot pot was a great disappointment. Strangely it featured a mixture of ordinary sausages and fresh vegetables with instant ramen.

Ginza, Japanese at Burwood

Ginza has closed It has been well over 4 weeks since I was released from hospital with severe gastroenteritis and placed on a strict diet of bland foods. Boring, it was. But now that I'm...
Food Guide to Lunar New Year

Food Guide to Lunar New Year

Those who listen to ABC Local radio will have heard me guest on Nightlife with Rod Quinn last Monday night (20th January)! It was great fun sharing my Lunar New Year know-how with such...

Ceci Korean Restaurant, Strathfield

CeCi is a small authentic Korean restaurant on The Boulevarde in Strathfield. The interior is adorningly cute with pink walls, floral wallpaper in shades of purple, blue and green and framed cartoon prints.
Seoul-Ria, Syndey City

Seoul Ria

I feel like I'm right at the heart of Seoul. There's a lot of clatter as staff follow the ringing of table bells. It's such a lively room. Hungry people join the queue every couple of minutes. I scan the room, and large majorities of the crowd appear to be Korean. Ah, perfect... an authentic Korean restaurant. Families, students, large groups and working couples all look content with their meals. Food really does soothe the soul.

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