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Se Jong Korean, Campsie

Se Jong (Korean Restaurant), Campsie

This is ultimately my favourite Korean restaurant! The service is excellent (I love how they cook the food for you), the staff are super friendly and they really care about their customers. I walked in on a Sunday afternoon after the lunch operating hours and they were more than happy to re-open for just a table of two! However, the best thing about this restaurant is it's price and authenticity.

Brew Masters Tour – Gastro Tour Seoul

https://youtu.be/M6AkQKVSBEI Exclusivity is the key word I’d associate with Gastro Tour Seoul and I would argue it's the key factor that distinguishes it from other food tours. While it’s easy to assume you could theoretically copy...
Korean BBQ, gochujang, Mullae, Delectable Travels, Seoul, Food Tour, South Korea

West Side Seoul Tour – Food and Culture

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JKfgp6x4NY I’ve never been particularly keen on travel tours. To me, it always seemed to involve a coach full of people who hop blearily off at each destination, take a selfie or two and then hop...

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