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Chinta Ria- the temple of loveDarling Park

Chinta Ria – The Temple of Love

The service was awesome... they were extremely willing to cater to our needs. The ambience of the restaurant was also really soothing. Peaceful rhythms, a funky interior and great casual alfresco dining!

Top 10 list of the best I’ve eaten in 2009

In celebration of the new year, I thought it would be suitable to look back at all of my best eats in 2009. Here, I've included some of my most frequently visited restaurants as...

The best of Sydney, according to Time Out

I'm a big fan of Time Out. I would never visit a city without first consulting the local Time Out guide. Time Out Sydney's Food Awards 09 winners were announced this week, so let's see...

Two weddings, one day. And Malay-Chinese Takeaway.

How's that for a rhyming blog post title? This blog post takes us back to November 26, the date where for the first time ever, I attended two weddings in one day! Unfortunately, it meant...
Temasek, Parramatta


Sometimes it takes a fresh set of tastebuds for you to truly appreciate a cheap eat. I've been going to Temasek for their traditional Malaysian and Singaporean fare for ages. But only recently, had...

Jackie M, Concord

Jackie M restaurant is no longer open. However, you'll still be able to get your Jackie M Malaysian fix at various markets. Check their website for  dates and location info. Jackie M only opens...

Sho Noodle Bar, Melbourne

While many are drawn to the Crown Complex at Melbourne for its gaming floor, I kept coming back for the food. It was New Years Eve 2008 and amidst the loud crowd building up outside,...
Food Guide to Lunar New Year

Food Guide to Lunar New Year

Those who listen to ABC Local radio will have heard me guest on Nightlife with Rod Quinn last Monday night (20th January)! It was great fun sharing my Lunar New Year know-how with such...
Kammadhenu, Newtown


Kammadhenu has a menu which satisfies many Asian tastebuds. They have vast options available, categorically split by starters, curries, vegetarian, goat, egg, lamb, beef, chicken, seafood, rice/noodle, kothu roti, hoppers, breads, desserts and extras!...
Singapore-Shiok, Chinatown

Singapore Shiok

There's a certain satisfying pleasure that comes with eating good food in a food court, and it doesn't get better than this. Singapore Shiok in Chinatown's Eating World food court offers an authentic taste of...

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