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iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Cabramatta

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant is meant to be a part of the new breed. Along side it's sister restaurant, Zilver, they clearly stand out from the traditional Chinese restaurants, in terms of menu range, ambience and furnishing. The restaurant is classically decorated in royal red hues, live bamboo shoots and fancy spotlights. It is probably one of the best looking Chinese restaurants I've ever been to.

How to make pomegranate fruit punch in 5 minutes

I received a few bottles of POM Wonderful from the lovely Darcie at Zing last week... just in time to combat this hot sticky weather! There's nothing more convenient than having some bottles chilled...

Baking for Christmas In July afternoon tea

The Aussie in me has never experienced a cold wintery Christmas. I'm used to the barbecues, the fresh seafood, chilled fruity drinks and spending the morning watching a repeat of Christmas cartoons followed by...

Introducing New Zealand’s First XV of food and wine in Sydney

If you are like me and haven't yet had the opportunity of eating your way around New Zealand, then you will be thrilled to hear about this upcoming food and wine promotion happening throughout...
Chinese-New-Year-2009,-Year-of-the-Ox, Sydney

Chinese New Year 2009, Year of the Ox

My family isn't big on tradition and without any relatives in Australia, Chinese New Year celebrations usually consist of a home-made banquet with plenty of leftovers. This year, my Mum thoughtfully cooked up this...

Eugenia’s Hens Night

Eugenia is the first of B.DesComp's 2004 grads to get married... woohoo! So here we were on Saturday night, to congratulate the bride-to-be.

Top 10 list of the best I’ve eaten in 2009

In celebration of the new year, I thought it would be suitable to look back at all of my best eats in 2009. Here, I've included some of my most frequently visited restaurants as...

Christmas dinner @ home

Merry Christmas! Last night, I was put in charge of our family's Christmas dinner. So instead of last year's roast, fresh prawns and lobster mornay, I decided to stock up on some oysters, scallops and green king prawns. I also did the gingerbread baking a day in advance!

Yelp launches in Australia

Guess who I had breakfast with on Wednesday morning? Jeremy Stoppelman. No, not some random with the same name; it was the man himself, the co-founder and CEO of Yelp. Yelp.com.au launched at 6am Wednesday...
Coin Exchange, Sheraton

Corn Exchange Restaurant @ Four Points by Sheraton

On Friday night, Dianne, Florence and I celebrated an early Christmas at the Corn Exchange Restaurant for a $70 seafood and dessert extravaganza. As you can see, the variety was endless! *drools*

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