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Bistro Lilly, Observatory Tower

Bistro Lilly, Observatory Tower

Unique flavours, with an interesting a la carte menu that is updated regularly.

Claypots Seafood (Melbourne) – revisited

So remember how I discovered Claypots Seafood Bar last year? Well, it has become part of my Melbourne eating ritual ever since. I'm back in Melbourne later this week so thought I should post up...
Gazebo-Wine-Garden,Elizabeth Bay

Girls’ Picnic at Gazebo Wine Garden

Gazebo Wine Garden's girls' picnics are such a wonderful offering. They're exactly my type of thing -a picnic where all you have to do is round up the girls! The food and wine is...

Cino Caffe, Wollongong

Saturday morning was cold... and that's the best excuse for a big greasy breakfast. Zen and I strolled down the street to the Mall. Cino Cafe has plentiful seats outside which was already starting to fill up at just 10.30am. We decided to step inside, away from the breeze, and placed ourselves in round leather booth chairs. The tables were slighly high... but this could have been the result of my slouching posture. On my left was a glass cabinent full of delicious treats. There were portugese custard tarts, cakes of all sorts, pasteries and more. Mmmm..

The best burgers in Sydney

Burgers are made across Sydney every day -in homes, at the corner milk bar, in fast food joints and pubs. Over the last few years, we have seen more gourmet burger restaurants pop up...
Tharen’s-Restaurant-&-Bar, Kings Cross

Tharen’s Restaurant & Bar

I was at Tharens recently for Smily's hens night. What can I say... It was one unique dining experience! It's not quite the restaurant you would go to for an intimate dinner for two,...

Guide to Port Stephens

If you’re up for a little winter holiday in NSW but are not necessarily up for braving the snow and ski resorts, Port Stephens offers a prime holiday destination. Located a 2.5 hours drive north...
Roxanne, Glebe


Roxanne has closed Random. The food doesn't stick to a theme. The rich burlesque decor doesn't suit the laid back music. The service was at times slow and rarely consistent. But that's not necessarily a...

Rushcutters: Restaurant, Bar, Deli and now…a Marketplace!

The farm to plate trend is quickly gaining popularity amongst Sydney’s health and sustainability savvy populous. But even though the idea of eating fresh local produce is extremely enticing for many of us, the...

Chef Matt Kemp’s Meet Your Maker dinner, Boilerhouse Restaurant, Q Station Manly

Manly’s Quarantine Station is best known for its ghost tours, haunted tales and rumors of strange sightings, so when I was invited down there to ultimately meet my maker, you can understand my hesitation....

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