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Cino Caffe, Wollongong

Saturday morning was cold... and that's the best excuse for a big greasy breakfast. Zen and I strolled down the street to the Mall. Cino Cafe has plentiful seats outside which was already starting to fill up at just 10.30am. We decided to step inside, away from the breeze, and placed ourselves in round leather booth chairs. The tables were slighly high... but this could have been the result of my slouching posture. On my left was a glass cabinent full of delicious treats. There were portugese custard tarts, cakes of all sorts, pasteries and more. Mmmm..

Kingsley Steakhouse

There isn't a worst feeling than being cheated... and I would least expect it from a place as renouned as Kingsley Steakhouse. It started off well, as with all relationships. Kingsley appeared popular and I was intrigued. It's menu boasted lavish prices... so I set my expectations right up high.
Rocket-Restaurant, Chatswood,


Rocket Restaurant is one of those places you always talk about revisiting. They've got a sophisticated menu and a relaxing yet stylish interior. However, there's nothing really much beyond that. The service seems to suit chatty regulars... and to my surprise, the amazing dukkah and olive oil has now been replaced with room temperature bread and butter.

Fifteen Melbourne Restaurant

Fifteen Melbourne. It's the restaurant from TV. It's Jamie Oliver's. There's definitely a novelty factor to dining at Fifteen -which explains the set-up of a reservation line and the long waiting list! Two months ago, when Zen and I were planning our next trip down to Melbourne, I persuaded him to make a booking for dinner. And so here we are. It wasn't dinner... but we felt pretty lucky to have scored a table for six for lunch (considering that the weekend coincided with the F1 Grand Prix and the FINA World Championship). Melbourne was busy.
Valentine’s-Day-2007-@-Astral, Star city

a blast from the past… Valentine’s Day 2007 @ Astral

What better place to celebrate Valentine's Day than at the top? Astral is a one-hatter from this year's SMH Good Food Guide. This was something we had booked months in advance. From within a glass elevator, we were greeted with 270 degree views of Sydney Harbour. Oooo... ahhh... the interior is also rather stunning. The furnishings were plush and sophisticated, the chandeliers were rich... and around us, couples in love admired the gleaming city skyscrapers.
The-Ftiz, Fitzroy

The Fitz @ Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

What else could have brought me to Brunswick Street but the Alannah Hill factory outlet! Brunswick Street is probably the King Street (of Newtown) or the Oxford Street in Sydney. So we snagged a seat in the open terrace and watched the Brunswick Street crowds walk on by.
Royce hotel melbourne

Royce Hotel, Melbourne

For the last four days, Zen and I have been hiding out in Melbourne -another of our spontaneous holidays. I love the internet age... we were able to plan and book everything from airfare, accomodation to restaurants, all just a day before flying!

Christmas dinner @ home

Merry Christmas! Last night, I was put in charge of our family's Christmas dinner. So instead of last year's roast, fresh prawns and lobster mornay, I decided to stock up on some oysters, scallops and green king prawns. I also did the gingerbread baking a day in advance!
Coin Exchange, Sheraton

Corn Exchange Restaurant @ Four Points by Sheraton

On Friday night, Dianne, Florence and I celebrated an early Christmas at the Corn Exchange Restaurant for a $70 seafood and dessert extravaganza. As you can see, the variety was endless! *drools*
Aria, East Circular Quay, Sydney

4 Years at Aria Restaurant

Zen and I have now been officially dating for four years. I love you babe! But I lied... about having made a reservation... and then I got caught out! So instead of going to Astral, I made an eleventh hour call to Aria Restaurant. They had one table available if we promised to finish by 7.45pm, or another available from 9.30pm. I frantically took the earlier table, and convinced Zen to speed into the city. Forty minutes later, we were parked on Macquarie Street, and wondered why the restaurant was only 60% full. So we took our time and admired the stunning Harbour views.

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