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Uchi Lounge tasting menu

I have long been a fan of Uchi Lounge's modern Japanese cuisine and knew a re-visit was a must after learning that chef and owner Takashi Ohuchi had strengthened his team; appointing his brother...

Kensington Peking

Every now and then, I'll get a restaurant recommendation from a reader, family, friend or even from a friend of a friend, that I simply can't resist! Kensington Peking is one of them... The...
Temasek, Parramatta


Sometimes it takes a fresh set of tastebuds for you to truly appreciate a cheap eat. I've been going to Temasek for their traditional Malaysian and Singaporean fare for ages. But only recently, had...
Mr-Wong, CBD

Mr Wong

Only the Merivale group could spend $4 million on setting up a restaurant and get me THIS excited about a new Chinese restaurant. There are no shortages of modern Chinese/Cantonese restaurants in Sydney so what...
Golden-Century-Seafood-Restaurant, Syndey

Golden Century Seafood Restaurant

Golden Century is one of the few Chinese restaurants in Sydney which has been awarded the one chef's hat. So I felt quite embarrassed when I realised I had never dined there! My sister...
Kobe Jones, Syndey

Kobe Jones’ Luxury Menu

My last visit to Kobe Jones in 2006 didn't leave that great of an impression, but seeing it was four years ago, I decided to give it another go after spotting a 50% off...
Lan Yuan Restaurant Spread

Lan Yuan Restaurant, Ryde, Sydney

For many years, Chinese restaurants in Sydney have largely been firmly embedded in the traditional, whether it’s the vibe of the décor or the featured items on their menu. And while there is certainly...
Port Orient, Harbourside

Port Orient Restaurant (and Karaoke)

Port Orient Restaurant transforms into a karaoke bar after 9pm. So while we were really here to embarrass ourselves, the food was surprisingly impressive. For $59.90 per person, we had the 'Special Christmas Banquet' with two entrees (four pieces for $10). And what a great night it was -there was plenty of laughter, great entertainment and fablulous views which overlooked the harbour.
Tharen’s-Restaurant-&-Bar, Kings Cross

Tharen’s Restaurant & Bar

I was at Tharens recently for Smily's hens night. What can I say... It was one unique dining experience! It's not quite the restaurant you would go to for an intimate dinner for two,...

Ocean Room, Sydney

I'm going to let you in on a little secret... There's a relatively new concept that has been floating around Sydney that gives you amazing discounts off the total bill at various restaurants. I'm...

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