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Aria, East Circular Quay, Sydney

4 Years at Aria Restaurant

Zen and I have now been officially dating for four years. I love you babe! But I lied... about having made a reservation... and then I got caught out! So instead of going to Astral, I made an eleventh hour call to Aria Restaurant. They had one table available if we promised to finish by 7.45pm, or another available from 9.30pm. I frantically took the earlier table, and convinced Zen to speed into the city. Forty minutes later, we were parked on Macquarie Street, and wondered why the restaurant was only 60% full. So we took our time and admired the stunning Harbour views.

O Bar & Dining, Sydney

I'm pretty sure I listened to that ‘Fancy’ song by Iggy Azalea about 5000 times last week. And yes, I know it's social suicide to admit to enjoying pop music, but whatever. Anyway, after...

Ripples, Whale Beach

Ripples Whale Beach is located right in front of Whale Beach. It's about 40km north of the Sydney CBD and is an hours driving time. Both the location and food makes it worthwhile to create an event out of it...
the- Syndey-fish-markets

re-visiting the fish markets

With my new Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM Lens, I hit the live tanks at the Sydney Fish Markets:

BLACK By Ezard at The Star

Aside from the relatively new Westfield, The Star was Sydney's other most anticipated dining precinct opening. Tenants now include David Chang's Momofuku Seiōbo, Teage Ezard's BLACK by ezard, Chase Kojima's Sokyo and Stefano Manfredi's...
Venison Tartare

The Gantry x Black Star Pastry Monthly Wine Dinners

For many of us, not much beats a beautiful wine served alongside a delicious dinner, with delectable desserts to follow. It’s the epitome of a ‘complete’ dining experience and doubles as the perfect way...
Sumac Restaurant, Darling Harbour

Sumac Restaurant

I had the duck as my main dish. The duck was coated with a coarse mixture of pistatios, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, macadamia nuts and sesame seeds, then panfried to a perfect pink, and the falafel cake was rich and crunchy. This was topped up with a sweet pilaf which was a heavenly marriage of figs and caramelised onion.
Casa Di Nico, Sydney

Casa Di Nico

On a breezy spring evening, Zen and I strolled along King Street Wharf seeking a warm dinner to satisfy our grumbling stomachs. Casa Di Nico looked so warm inside, and the idea of hearty pasta and seafood locked in our choice.
Kobe Jones, Sydney

Kobe Jones

It's been almost a year since I've last seen Tracey. We were 'bum chums' a couple years back... and then we grew apart. So, graduated and working - we decided it was finally time for a girly catch up. Who could believe -she's entered the working life as a primary school teacher! Anyways, craving some infused Japanese food; we headed towards King Street Wharf's Kobe Jones, and were led outdoors to a romantic candle-lit table for two. We sat facing the wharf and soaked in the glorious sunshine (I love daylight saving!).
James Squire, King Street Wharf

James Squire Brewhouse & Restaurant

Back in March this year, when Zen was still working at Horwath, we had dinner at the James Squire Restaurant. I remember feeling very agitated... this being fuelled by the slow service, stiff wooden chairs and my grumbling stomach. Our order was a little overpriced and lacked the extra 'oomph'.

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