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Korean Fried Chicken in Sydney

The hunt for the best Korean Fried Chicken in Sydney

It all started with a casual message: 'KFC crawl to find Sydney's best Korean Fried Chicken. Who's in?' One thing led to another and before I knew it, six of us were driving all over Sydney on one fine sunny day to determine where we could find Sydney's best Korean Fried Chicken! From Belfield to Strathfield, Eastwood and ...
Yum cha and dim sum in Sydney

Best Yum Cha in Sydney – Part 1

After the recent KFC crawl, we got thinking... What other dishes have we always wanted to compare? Sydney's best yum cha (or 'dim sum' for our US & UK friends) synonymously came up as...

Korean Fried Chicken at Arisun

Who isn't obsessed with fried chicken? KFC brought it to the masses but it's restaurants like Mamak (ayam goreng), Tan Viet (crispy skin chicken), ATL Maranatha (fried soft bone chicken), Sushi Bar Rashai (chicken...

BahBQ, Brazilian Grill, Crows Nest

WARNING WARNING WARNING - Vegetarians, avert your eyes. OK, now that we carnivores are alone, let me take you with us on a journey to meat nirvana; BahBQ Crows Nest. Crows Nest was a little further...

Seoul Barbeque, Pub and Market Tour

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDRbSB_rlEw Sometimes, all you need for a fantastic overseas culinary experience are simply high quality venues that do great renditions of what a particular culture is best known for. Stereotypes exist for a reason, after all -...
Pizza Autentico, Pizza

Pizza Autentico: Pizza and Pasta Buffet

Pizza. Pasta. Buffet. Hold my spoon, this is a feast worthy of diving headlong into! Sydney's latest addition to the eating scene is new Italian eatery Pizza Autentico, home to traditional Italian fare and...

Zen Oasis vegetarian restaurant, Berrima

To drive an hour and a half for good food may seem absurd to some, but this is not uncommon for my mother and her friends. My Mum has forever talked about this little vegetarian restaurant, in the middle of...
Yummy-Seafood-Chinese-Restaurant, Beverly Hills

Yummy Seafood Chinese Restaurant

Luckily for the restaurant owners at Yummy Seafood Chinese Restaurant, I've been here several times and have always enjoyed the food. So even when our table of ten are still unseated by 7:50pm (we...
Looma’s, Bankstown

Croquembouche and macarons by Looma’s

Meeting other business owners has become a bit of a drug to me. Their drive is so contagious, I'm usually left buzzing with new ideas and goals. It is the feeling of invigoration and...
Bay Gardens Seafood Buffet, Novotel Brighton Beach

Baygarden Seafood Buffet, Novotel Brighton Beach

With special thanks to my brother & Accor, Zen and I enjoyed a free scrumptious seafood buffet at the Baygarden restaurant. On a Saturday night, this was worth $62 per person! Novotel Brighton Beach offers panaromic views of the airport and seaside. The restaurant captures this stunning environment with outdoor seating and a tropical interior design.

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