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Korean Fried Chicken in Sydney

The hunt for the best Korean Fried Chicken in Sydney

It all started with a casual message: 'KFC crawl to find Sydney's best Korean Fried Chicken. Who's in?' One thing led to another and before I knew it, six of us were driving all over Sydney on one fine sunny day to determine where we could find Sydney's best Korean Fried Chicken! From Belfield to Strathfield, Eastwood and ...

The Newport

Landmark historical hotel The Newport with its waterfront views and sprawling outdoor dining area is one of the Northern Beaches’ most iconic venues. Recently rejuvenated to make it a premium dining destination for locals...
Lan Yuan Restaurant Spread

Lan Yuan Restaurant, Ryde, Sydney

For many years, Chinese restaurants in Sydney have largely been firmly embedded in the traditional, whether it’s the vibe of the décor or the featured items on their menu. And while there is certainly...

Kensington Peking

Every now and then, I'll get a restaurant recommendation from a reader, family, friend or even from a friend of a friend, that I simply can't resist! Kensington Peking is one of them... The...
iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Cabramatta

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant is meant to be a part of the new breed. Along side it's sister restaurant, Zilver, they clearly stand out from the traditional Chinese restaurants, in terms of menu range, ambience and furnishing. The restaurant is classically decorated in royal red hues, live bamboo shoots and fancy spotlights. It is probably one of the best looking Chinese restaurants I've ever been to.
Looma’s, Bankstown

Croquembouche and macarons by Looma’s

Meeting other business owners has become a bit of a drug to me. Their drive is so contagious, I'm usually left buzzing with new ideas and goals. It is the feeling of invigoration and...
Yong Feng Chinese Restaurant Riverwood

Yong Feng Chinese Restaurant, Riverwood

My family and I used to be big fans of Auburn Chinese Restaurant. We didn't mind their no-frills approach and often happily walked into the kitchen to fetch ourselves tea or top up our...

Garfish, Manly

A few weeks ago, Garfish hosted a bloggers dinner to introduce us to their new Autumn menu. As a seafood lover, I've long known that Garfish was a respected seafood restaurant so it was...

Zen Oasis vegetarian restaurant, Berrima

To drive an hour and a half for good food may seem absurd to some, but this is not uncommon for my mother and her friends. My Mum has forever talked about this little vegetarian restaurant, in the middle of...
Sunny-Seafood-Restaurant, Auburn

Chinese New Year banquet at Sunny Seafood Restaurant

My family held our Chinese New Year Eve reunion dinner a little differently this year. It was the first time we decided to eat out rather than cook up a feast at home, and...

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