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Badde Manors Cafe, Glebe

The plan today, was to have lunch along Glebe Point Road. There were these wooden bench seats beside a tall open window which caught my eye... and soon we were soaking in the sunshine....

Hip Hop Chicken Shop at The Carrington, Surry Hills, Sydney

If you read my last post (I don’t know why you wouldn’t, but it’s great… I’ll help you, it’s right here ;-) ) I said sneakers and fried chicken are a big part of my...

2018 Crab Carnival, The Morrison

The annual Crab Carnival has returned to The Morrison for the fifth year and it is bigger, better and messier (in a good way) than ever! Chef Sean Connolly has designed a menu featuring...

Kellogg X Kawa Cereal Cafe, Sydney

My grandfather’s diet was remarkably unique and he used to eat a similar breakfast everyday consisting of three courses. The first was an orange, then a bowl of Coco Pops, finished off with a...
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West Juliett, Marrickville

We are very lucky people here in Australia. We have some of the best beaches, clean air and most importantly some of the best cafes in the world. As part of my day job...
Dooleys waterview, Silverwater

Waterview – Dooleys at Silverwater

Since I just posted on Dooleys at Lidcombe, I thought it was only fair to write about the much classier sister restaurant. Waterview was opened some time in 2005, and targets the business lunchers and families. It offers a cafe oriented menu which features lots of gourmet goodies.
MuMu-Grill’s, Crows Nest

MuMu Grill’s Take It Slow Dinner

Slow food was "founded in 1989 to counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people's dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it...
Bar Luca Burgers for Boobs burger

Bar Luca and Burgers for Boobs

Always try the cheeseburger, according to Bar Luca chef, Sarah Robbins. It’s the ultimate quality control test for an unknown burger joint: how well do they manage the most universal and basic of burgers? You’d be...
Masuya, CBD

Masuya – Japanese Seafood Restaurant

Eyeblaster has finally made the move. That's right... we are in the city! This means more shopping, more food and more importantly, better food. So for our first Friday Lunch, we strolled down to Masuya. The restaurant was full-to-capacity. Note to self: must make booking next time! The waitress politely handed us a menu each, and informed us of a 5 minute wait. I salivated at all the nicely presented food that was being brought out.

Pop-Up Deli at Zubrick’s, Darlinghurst

For 3 months Eli Challenger (you may remember Eli from our post on Rupert and Ruby) and Kubrick's on Stanley Street are teaming up to create a one-stop breakfast and lunch sandwich pop-up shop. Some...

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