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Port Orient, Harbourside

Port Orient Restaurant (and Karaoke)

Port Orient Restaurant transforms into a karaoke bar after 9pm. So while we were really here to embarrass ourselves, the food was surprisingly impressive. For $59.90 per person, we had the 'Special Christmas Banquet' with two entrees (four pieces for $10). And what a great night it was -there was plenty of laughter, great entertainment and fablulous views which overlooked the harbour.

The Hardware Societe, Melbourne

If I ever open a cafe, it would be exactly like this. It would be casual and cosy with a romantic charm; there would be fabulous and affordable breakfast and lunch options served on...
Diethnes-Greek-Restaurant, Syndey

Diethnes Greek Restaurant

One of the perks of being a food blogger is the exposure to hidden treasures. Thanks to the openness of some who are just as passionate about good food, I have recently discovered a fabulous Greek restaurant. The ironic thing is, it's not so much hidden... as there's a huge neon sign... and I do only just work next door!

Ms G’s, Potts Point

Despite 2011 being a year of astonishing restaurant openings, Ms G's which opened in late 2010, is still crowded as ever. Thankfully you can get around the no bookings policy by turning up a...
Cafe-Cre-Asion, Sydney

Cafe Cre Asion

The talk of the town at the moment is Cafe Cre Asion. Tucked within a Sydney laneway, this tiny cafe produces scrumptious sandwiches with housemade breads, fabulous Single Origin coffees, and a very exciting...

Kneading Ruby, Wollongong

Along the backstreets of central Wollongong, you'll find perhaps the best pizza in town. You'd never know that tucked away in this former warehouse lies Kneading Ruby, until you walk by and hear the...

New Shanghai, Chatswood Chase

I have been going to New Shanghai at Ashfield (and the neighbouring Shanghai Night) to get my dumpling fix for years. They're perfect for many occasions - when I'm too lazy to put on...

Kellogg X Kawa Cereal Cafe, Sydney

My grandfather’s diet was remarkably unique and he used to eat a similar breakfast everyday consisting of three courses. The first was an orange, then a bowl of Coco Pops, finished off with a...

Old Town Hong Kong Barangaroo (10th Birthday Party 3 of 4)

Wow! To believe it has been 10 years since the beginning of this blog.  From it’s humble beginnings of posts that recounted weekly dining experiences filled with photos taken on one of those early...
Bar Luca Burgers for Boobs burger

Bar Luca and Burgers for Boobs

Always try the cheeseburger, according to Bar Luca chef, Sarah Robbins. It’s the ultimate quality control test for an unknown burger joint: how well do they manage the most universal and basic of burgers? You’d be...

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