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District-Dining, Surry Hills

District Dining

One of the greatest joys of being self-employed is being able to work my own hours - and take long lunches whenever it seems fit. Unfortunately, it's not something I do very often as...
Pizza-e-Birra, Surry Hills

Pizza e Birra re-visited

I've been eating a lot of Italian lately because I've just watched the entire five seasons of Kitchen Nightmares. It's weird that I always feel like I don't have enough time to do things,...

Tomislav Restaurant, Darlinghurst

It's not every day you get to use an atomiser at the dining table. But then again, Tomislav isn't your everyday type of restaurant. Nor does it fit into the usual molecular gastronomy restaurant...
Flying-Fish, Pyrmont

5 year anniversary at Flying Fish

This is the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from my seat. Fabulous aye? Flying Fish is located in a warehouse along Pyrmont's Jones Bay Wharf, just off Pirrama Road. The story hasn't changed much...
Rocket Cafe, Chatswood

Rocket Restaurant

On arrival, we're served complimentary Pea Soup, which had a lovely hint of Saffron. All entree's are $18 (We tried the Tasting Selection, which was $36), main's are all $19.50 and desserts are all $14. The brulee is the best I have ever tasted! This is definately one of my favourite restaurants. It is great value for money, and I want to try almost everything on the menu.
Rocket-Restaurant, Chatswood,


Rocket Restaurant is one of those places you always talk about revisiting. They've got a sophisticated menu and a relaxing yet stylish interior. However, there's nothing really much beyond that. The service seems to suit chatty regulars... and to my surprise, the amazing dukkah and olive oil has now been replaced with room temperature bread and butter.

Prime Steak Restaurant

Located on the lower ground inside the GPO Grand precinct of 1 Martin Place, Prime Steak Restaurant has been on the top of my bucket list of steakhouses to tick off. Walking into the the...

Platia Greek Taverna, Top Ryde Shopping Centre

    Greek food has been experiencing a resurgence in Sydney of late. Marked by the opening of several fine dining and casual Greek eateries offering delicious Mediterranean delights satisfying all tastes. We were recently...

Jump onboard the Mezza Train

If you live in Sydney, then you’ve either heard of or been to a 'Sushi Train'. You sit on a high bar stool and watch as glorious food swirls before you in a circle,...

Truffle Tribe at Gazebo, Sydney

It’s the season for truffles and what better way to celebrate it than to have a truffle and cheese fiesta. But hold your pigs because you won't be needing anything to hunt down these...

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