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Fat-Noodle, Pyrmont

Fat Noodle

I was recently invited to attend Fat Noodle's first birthday celebrations and was so impressed by the food at the event that I just had to return a few days later. Fat Noodle sits on...

El Camino Cantina, The Rocks, Sydney

There it waited, doors wide open, the sleek El Camino revving its engine blasting old school rock through the radio. Its worn out charm is inviting me to take a ride out into the...
Seoul-Ria, Syndey City

Seoul Ria

I feel like I'm right at the heart of Seoul. There's a lot of clatter as staff follow the ringing of table bells. It's such a lively room. Hungry people join the queue every couple of minutes. I scan the room, and large majorities of the crowd appear to be Korean. Ah, perfect... an authentic Korean restaurant. Families, students, large groups and working couples all look content with their meals. Food really does soothe the soul.
Korean Fried Chicken in Sydney

The hunt for the best Korean Fried Chicken in Sydney

It all started with a casual message: 'KFC crawl to find Sydney's best Korean Fried Chicken. Who's in?' One thing led to another and before I knew it, six of us were driving all over Sydney on one fine sunny day to determine where we could find Sydney's best Korean Fried Chicken! From Belfield to Strathfield, Eastwood and ...
El Loco Apple Pie Margarita and Fried Chicken

We’re Going Loco for El Loco’s Winter Specials (Surry Hills, Sydney)

When you find yourself in a place with colourful streamers hanging from the ceiling and murals featuring images of cacti, Frida Kahlo and skulls with moustaches wearing sombreros, you know you’re in for a...

Eaton Chinese Restaurant, Ashfield

Bits and bobs about Eaton Restaurant have been entering my consciousness for several years now... However, it wasn't until recently that I finally dined there. Ashfield may be known for its abundance of Shanghainese restaurants,...

Jump onboard the Mezza Train

If you live in Sydney, then you’ve either heard of or been to a 'Sushi Train'. You sit on a high bar stool and watch as glorious food swirls before you in a circle,...
Low-302, Darlinghurst / Surry Hills

Low 302

My favourite type of nightspots are the ones that have delectable cocktails and mouthwatering menus. It has to have both and not just one without the other. Tapas and cocktails I love Low 302 'cause not...

Mamak, Malaysian roti and satay

This place is exactly like the street stall its owners had enticed the Chinatown Friday Night Market goers with last year. It's fast, there are still queues and the food remains scrumptious. While I can't...
Meet-Fresh, Haymarket / Chinatown Sydney

Meet Fresh: Taiwanese Dessert House

Meet Fresh has been open in Sydney for about seven months and is just next door to Mamak. No matter what time of the day or night I passed it, there seemed to be...

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