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Mamak, Malaysian roti and satay

This place is exactly like the street stall its owners had enticed the Chinatown Friday Night Market goers with last year. It's fast, there are still queues and the food remains scrumptious. While I can't...

Top 10 late night dining spots in Sydney

I can relate with anyone who gets hungry in the wee hours of the morning. So I've put together a top ten list of my fave restaurants for late night dining...
Seoul-Ria, Syndey City

Seoul Ria

I feel like I'm right at the heart of Seoul. There's a lot of clatter as staff follow the ringing of table bells. It's such a lively room. Hungry people join the queue every couple of minutes. I scan the room, and large majorities of the crowd appear to be Korean. Ah, perfect... an authentic Korean restaurant. Families, students, large groups and working couples all look content with their meals. Food really does soothe the soul.
ice-cream-at-Passionflower, Captiol square

Just because I eat ice-cream at Passionflower…

...it doesn't mean I like getting ripped off. Passionflower does not serve free tap water. They have a minimum $10 spend per person on Friday and Saturday nights... and for 3 scoops, you're looking at paying at least $12. Now that I've got that off my chest... for the good stuff!

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