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Yum cha and dim sum in Sydney

Best Yum Cha in Sydney – Part 1

After the recent KFC crawl, we got thinking... What other dishes have we always wanted to compare? Sydney's best yum cha (or 'dim sum' for our US & UK friends) synonymously came up as...

Tour of Freycinet Marine Oyster Farm and an epic BBQ lunch at Saffire

The time has come for the last blog post of 2011. It has been an exceptional year of tremendous eats but for this last post of the year, there's no better subject to share,...
Yummy-Seafood-Chinese-Restaurant, Beverly Hills

Yummy Seafood Chinese Restaurant

Luckily for the restaurant owners at Yummy Seafood Chinese Restaurant, I've been here several times and have always enjoyed the food. So even when our table of ten are still unseated by 7:50pm (we...
Bay Gardens Seafood Buffet, Novotel Brighton Beach

Baygarden Seafood Buffet, Novotel Brighton Beach

With special thanks to my brother & Accor, Zen and I enjoyed a free scrumptious seafood buffet at the Baygarden restaurant. On a Saturday night, this was worth $62 per person! Novotel Brighton Beach offers panaromic views of the airport and seaside. The restaurant captures this stunning environment with outdoor seating and a tropical interior design.

Summary of London and Barcelona

I'm half way through this 4.5 week eating extravaganza and I've finally gotten around to doing this blog post. Where have I been and what have I done? Well, I've taken almost 3000 photos, I...
Johnny Lobster, Lobster Roll, Flatlay, GIF

Johnny Lobster, Crows Nest

There’s a new kid on the casual lunch block and he’s bringing fresh, not-quite-brioche rolls, carnivorous Canadian lobster and lots of great flavours. The bold, red words stamped to the back wall of Johnny Lobster –...

Salmon & Bear, Zetland, Sydney

Transport yourself to a cabin in the middle of The Rocky Mountains, and you might just be able to replicate the feel of Chef Mark Jensen’s new venture Salmon & Bear. Located across the...

Christmas at home

Welcome back! I hope ya'll had many delicious moments during the break. To kick off a new year of blogging, I thought it would only make sense to firstly conclude 2008 with my family Christmas...
Sunny-Seafood-Restaurant, Auburn

Chinese New Year banquet at Sunny Seafood Restaurant

My family held our Chinese New Year Eve reunion dinner a little differently this year. It was the first time we decided to eat out rather than cook up a feast at home, and...
Kingsleys-Steak-&-Crabhouse, woolloomooloo

Kingsleys Steak & Crabhouse

Not too long ago, Kingsleys Steak & Crabhouse created a special bloggers dinner which featured a four course meal with matched wines. I've had a not so impressive experience at Kingsleys Steakhouse before but...

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