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Pieno, Surry Hills


All day breakfast - coffee and fresh juice What I've been doing a lot of lately, is surrounding myself with other motivated and passionate individuals who have left their secure full-time jobs and are doing...
Low-302, Darlinghurst / Surry Hills

Low 302

My favourite type of nightspots are the ones that have delectable cocktails and mouthwatering menus. It has to have both and not just one without the other. Tapas and cocktails I love Low 302 'cause not...

Rise – 3 year anniversary special Omakase degustation

Rise Restaurant has since changed management and head chefs Oh, the food was fabulous, I'll definitely be back. How often have you said those words after having a satisfying meal? Well, I've committed that crime too...

Saigon Bay, Darlinghurst

Inner-city Vietnamese restaurants have long been satisfying the appetites of those who crave the fresh flavours of Vietnam but don't necessarily want to drive an hour South-West of Sydney to the likes of Bankstown...

Whole Roasted Pork Belly at Four in Hand, Paddington

Gerascophobia is the clinical phobia of growing old or aging and whilst its effect on me may not have been “legit” - back when I was 27 or so, the thought of turning 30...

Kensington Peking

Every now and then, I'll get a restaurant recommendation from a reader, family, friend or even from a friend of a friend, that I simply can't resist! Kensington Peking is one of them... The...
Sushi, tokyo style at Ocean Room during Tokyo Lunch promotion

New ‘Tokyo Lunch’ menu at 8 Sydney restaurants, on offer until Feb 25

Having traveled to Japan twice now, I was recently reminded of its allure at the media launch of a new Tokyo Lunch initiative. From now until 25 February 2014, Sydneysiders are invited to taste Tokyo...
Red Star, Waterloo - pasta

Red Star Pizza Cafe, Waterloo

Red Star is a small pizza cafe on Bourke St, Waterloo.

The best of Sydney, according to Time Out

I'm a big fan of Time Out. I would never visit a city without first consulting the local Time Out guide. Time Out Sydney's Food Awards 09 winners were announced this week, so let's see...
IconPark, Taste of Sydney

You Choose the Restaurant at IconPark

It started off a beautiful Sunday morning when I’d gotten out of bed, ready for a huge day at Taste of Sydney. BOOM. Thunder. Storm. Violent winds. By the time I’d made my way...

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