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Marque, Surry Hills


After a series of strange coincidences involving the random discovery of connections between friends, clients and the chefs at Marque, I just knew it was where I had to take Zen on his birthday. Thankfully...

The best of Sydney, according to Time Out

I'm a big fan of Time Out. I would never visit a city without first consulting the local Time Out guide. Time Out Sydney's Food Awards 09 winners were announced this week, so let's see...

The best burgers in Sydney

Burgers are made across Sydney every day -in homes, at the corner milk bar, in fast food joints and pubs. Over the last few years, we have seen more gourmet burger restaurants pop up...
Uchi-Lounge, Darlinghurst

Uchi Lounge

This restaurant has closed I think Uchi Lounge is the perfect place for a first date. Now, I've been with Zen for almost 7 years and can't quite remember what first dates are like, but...

Way2go magazine launch party at Mezzaluna (and my first giveaway!)

Last Thursday, I was invited to attend the launch of Way2go, a bi-monthly user-generated magazine backed up by NRMA which offers inspiring and entertaining stories, personal tips and advice from passionate travellers. Call it...

Rise – 3 year anniversary special Omakase degustation

Rise Restaurant has since changed management and head chefs Oh, the food was fabulous, I'll definitely be back. How often have you said those words after having a satisfying meal? Well, I've committed that crime too...
Rise-Restaurant, Darlinghurst

Let’s Rise again!

It's been a while since I've last food blogged. To be precise, it's been over 3 weeks of the flu, fever, cold, cough and aching joints. But seeing that my taste buds had started to come back to life, Zen and I decided to Rise again! Hooray to yummy sashimi!

Omakase (degustation) @ Rise Restaurant

The menu was really impressive and forced a battle in my mind between the degustation or the a la carte. There's actually 30% off the Omakase menu on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays, but we decided go for the whole experience anyway. The degustation it was.
J’adore-Lounge-Bar-and-Restaurant, Darlinghurst

J’adore Lounge Bar and Restaurant

Last night, we were here to celebrate Tim's 22nd birthday... well... I was more or less there to take to take group photos for him. LOL. And surprise, surprise... Zen and I ended up indulging ourselves with a scrumptious 3 course meal. J'adore restaurant is all about intimacy. There's the fireplace, slinky booths and candlelit tables... However, with the Tuesday specials (2 for 1 mains), I was surprised to find that at 8pm, it was still relatively empty.
Arun Thai, Potts Point

Arun Thai Restaurant

Arun Thai is nothing like your corner Thai takeaway. The interior is sophisticated, the menu is classy and the service is thoughtful. The staff were dressed in matching uniforms, and each dish on the menu was carefully marked with its degree of hotness.

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