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Seoul-Ria, Syndey City

Seoul Ria

I feel like I'm right at the heart of Seoul. There's a lot of clatter as staff follow the ringing of table bells. It's such a lively room. Hungry people join the queue every couple of minutes. I scan the room, and large majorities of the crowd appear to be Korean. Ah, perfect... an authentic Korean restaurant. Families, students, large groups and working couples all look content with their meals. Food really does soothe the soul.
Afternoon Tea at Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

Afternoon Tea at Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

Located in the tourist-laden district of The Rocks, visiting Shangri-La Hotel makes me feel like a tourist in my own city. It's always wonderful to see your own city through fresh eyes and it's...

Good Food Month: Citi’s Moveable Feast

To believe it’s nearly that time of year again! For all the lovers of great wine and eating out in Sydney, October can only mean one thing – it is of course, Good Food...

Food Society, Darlinghurst

Located in Darlinghurst and known for its Eastern European menu with a modern twist, Food Society had recently undergone a transformation changing both its interior decor and menu. Stepping into the venue you're automatically...
Yoshii , Sydney

Hats Off @ Yoshii Restaurant

Yay! I've been counting down since last week to dine at the sensational Yoshii Restaurant. This was literally a life changing experience... I learnt anger management; and then I did some self-exploring... and ofcourse I tasted some fine food, which has set new standards.

Smoked trout salad, Bourke Street Bakery

Bourke Street Bakery on Broadway has closed. Visit them at Surry Hills, Marrickville, Alexandria, Potts Point or Neutral Bay. When you're starving, any food is good food. But watch what happens when you put one...
Wagamama, Sydney


Lunch at Ichi-Ban-Boshi failed because of the large crowds lining up outside. Plan B was Wagamama. A little pricier, but seats were guaranteed. Inside were long wooden benches, funky lights and a sleek open kitchen. I ordered the vegetarian Moyashi Soba which featured courgettes, snow peas, mushrooms, beansprouts, garlic, leeks and fried tofu... the wholemeal noodles were stuck together in clumps and the broth was a litttle too peppery...
Flying-Fish, Pyrmont

A celebratory dinner at Flying Fish

Choosing a restaurant which will satisfy my parents' palate is a tough job which I am often left in charge of. It's an easy choice if we want Chinese or Vietnamese cuisine but when...
Aria, East Circular Quay, Sydney

4 Years at Aria Restaurant

Zen and I have now been officially dating for four years. I love you babe! But I lied... about having made a reservation... and then I got caught out! So instead of going to Astral, I made an eleventh hour call to Aria Restaurant. They had one table available if we promised to finish by 7.45pm, or another available from 9.30pm. I frantically took the earlier table, and convinced Zen to speed into the city. Forty minutes later, we were parked on Macquarie Street, and wondered why the restaurant was only 60% full. So we took our time and admired the stunning Harbour views.
Bungalow 8 - All you can eat mussels

All You Can Eat Mussels at Bungalow 8

The last time I attempted an all-you-can-eat mussels event was back in 2009, with fellow food bloggers Billy of A Table For Two, Simon of The Heart Of Food and Richard of Here Comes...

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