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Crab Carnival at The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room, Sydney

If there's one food group I love more than anything else, it'd be seafood, in particular, crustaceans. And of all crustaceans, it is admittedly the crab that I enjoy most. Part of the joy...
Sushi, tokyo style at Ocean Room during Tokyo Lunch promotion

New ‘Tokyo Lunch’ menu at 8 Sydney restaurants, on offer until Feb 25

Having traveled to Japan twice now, I was recently reminded of its allure at the media launch of a new Tokyo Lunch initiative. From now until 25 February 2014, Sydneysiders are invited to taste Tokyo...
Mother Chu's Taiwanese Gourmet, Haymarket

Mother Chu’s Taiwanese Gourmet

Mother Chu's isn't a place you go to for service or cleanliness... The seating is crowded, but nonetheless, we ordered, and paid upfront. The food was fairly cheap, and as expected, very greasy. Passbyers can watch these starchy goodies being made from scratch by a family of women in the kitchen... rolling, kneeding, wrapping, steaming and frying.
Valentine’s-Day-2007-@-Astral, Star city

a blast from the past… Valentine’s Day 2007 @ Astral

What better place to celebrate Valentine's Day than at the top? Astral is a one-hatter from this year's SMH Good Food Guide. This was something we had booked months in advance. From within a glass elevator, we were greeted with 270 degree views of Sydney Harbour. Oooo... ahhh... the interior is also rather stunning. The furnishings were plush and sophisticated, the chandeliers were rich... and around us, couples in love admired the gleaming city skyscrapers.

Top 10 Sydney Spots to Take Your Tinder Date

Dating can be tough, especially when it’s a Tinder date on Valentine’s Day. I thought I’d do my bit and at least guarantee a date full of great food and drinks, even if the...
Marque, Surry Hills


After a series of strange coincidences involving the random discovery of connections between friends, clients and the chefs at Marque, I just knew it was where I had to take Zen on his birthday. Thankfully...
Charlie-&-Co-Burgers, Sydney

Charlie & Co Burgers

I've eaten at Charlie & Co way too many times for it not to have yet made an appearance on this blog! So here it is my fellow food lovers - quite possibly, the...
Night Noodle markets, Hyde Park

Night Noodle Markets, Hyde Park

Last night was the second last night of the Night Noodle Markets, and it was also my first time hanging out with other Sydney Food-Bloggers; which meant I finally got to put a face...
Sugar Hit, Martian Place

(Sugar) Hit me baby one more time…

In search for some late night sweetness, Zen and I hunted down Sugar Hit at Westin, Sydney... and to my surprise, only one out of the three concierges knew what Sugar Hit was (and where it was at). The armchairs were big and comfy -however, not so practical for dining. One small but tall ramekin of the brulee, a tiny spoonful of the sour-cherry compote, and a pint-sized biscott lay on each of the corners of a large glass plate... what happened to the portion-size to plate-size ratio?
4Fourteen, Surry Hills

4Fourteen, Surry Hills – plus your chance to win the ultimate date valued at...

Most foodies have a pair of "eating pants" or an "eating dress". These pieces of clothing are tremendously forgiving around the waistline and are perfect for excessively indulgent periods of eating. Admittedly, a decent ratio of my...

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