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Pastizzi Cafe, Newtown

Mmm... I have a new addiction. Pastizzi Cafe in Newtown is the modern day version of 1950's Maltese Cafe on Crown Street in Surry Hills. It is still a family run business and it...
Kimchi Mandoo

Korean Food Crawl around Strathfield – an I Ate My Way Through Meetup

Here at I Ate My Way Through, we love any excuse to go on a food crawl. So to celebrate the Korean harvest festival of Chuseok - a mid-autumn time of celebration where South...
brunch-at-Bello’s, Burwood

brunch at Bello’s

On this extremely late Sunday afternoon, we decided to brunch at Bello. I've been here a couple of times before and have loved their generous servings and location. It's a fabulous excuse to impulse shop, although you might not be in the mood after paying almost $10 for a bowl of wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream.

La Casa Ristorante, Russell Lea

Dining at La Casa is like feasting with the Sicilian family I never had. Honest food, generous servings, sumptuous meatballs, perfectly cooked pastas and delectable cannoli, which starts and finishes with a big hug...
Knuckle sized pieces of lamb get barbecued over smoking lava rocks

Zeus Street Greek + Get a free souvla

Slow-cooked lamb getting browned over lava rocks What do you get when you combine the founders of gourmet pizza chain Crust and the team behind Pony Dining Group?  Fast-casual greek dining apparently!  Zeus Street Greek...

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Sydney

The budget cuts announced last week took a lot away from us as citizens. They took away our free healthcare, our equal education opportunities, our pension before we’re 70, and much much more, but...
Victoire, Rozzelle


Formerly at Balmain, Victoire boulangerie / pâtisserie moved down the street to Rozelle late last year. This was good news for me as it meant I was now only minutes away from eye candy!...

In The Kitchen: Chef Sujet, Spice I Am

A chef’s job is to create wonderment and fulfillment on a plate as well as curb a guest’s insatiable palate. A chef cannot just put food on a plate and expect the result to...

Top 10 late night dining spots in Sydney

I can relate with anyone who gets hungry in the wee hours of the morning. So I've put together a top ten list of my fave restaurants for late night dining...
Stra Pocha, Strathfield

Burning tongue, burning bum

Did the title catch your attention? Well, that's exactly what you will get from eating Stra Pocha's chilli chicken. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted. While we are spoilt for choice when it comes...

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