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In The Kitchen: Chef Sujet, Spice I Am

A chef’s job is to create wonderment and fulfillment on a plate as well as curb a guest’s insatiable palate. A chef cannot just put food on a plate and expect the result to...
Arun Thai, Potts Point

Arun Thai Restaurant

Arun Thai is nothing like your corner Thai takeaway. The interior is sophisticated, the menu is classy and the service is thoughtful. The staff were dressed in matching uniforms, and each dish on the menu was carefully marked with its degree of hotness.
House-Thai, Surry Hills

House Thai

I am the queen of hot foods. You see, I'm from a family where spicy foods are enjoyed from a young age. My dad has been known to bite into chillies at the markets...

Home Thai

There are a few things that instantly strike me at Home Thai. The first being its visual similarities to Chat Thai, and the second being the trendiness of the waitresses. Where else am I...
Yoshii , Sydney

Hats Off @ Yoshii Restaurant

Yay! I've been counting down since last week to dine at the sensational Yoshii Restaurant. This was literally a life changing experience... I learnt anger management; and then I did some self-exploring... and ofcourse I tasted some fine food, which has set new standards.

Luke Nguyen’s Street Food Pop Up At The Star

Luke Nguyen is a Vietnamese Australian chef and restaurateur best known for cooking authentic Southeast Asian cuisine with a modern Australian twist. He first rose to fame after opening Surry Hills eatery Red Lantern...
Deep fried snapper with green mango salad at Spice I Am

Spice I Am, Darlinghurst

We Sydneysiders are a spoilt bunch. There's practically a neighbourhood Thai restaurant in every suburb, and better yet, we have places like Spice I Am that set the benchmark. Spice I Am spans across four...

Coda Bar & Restaurant, Melbourne

There's something really likeable about eating lots of small dishes. From Chinese yum cha to Spanish tapas, the experience of sharing small plates of delectable morsels with friends and family is always an enjoyable...

The best of Sydney, according to Time Out

I'm a big fan of Time Out. I would never visit a city without first consulting the local Time Out guide. Time Out Sydney's Food Awards 09 winners were announced this week, so let's see...
Eat iN @ piccadilly

Eat In @ Piccadilly

Eat In @ Piccadilly is my new lunch destination. It is much smaller than the food courts in Mid City, Imperial Arcade, or Sydney Central Plaza... but there are plentiful seats, so there's no longer a war to fight for tables, and whilst we were limited to about 7 outlets, the quality and freshness of this place was a great change from the usual chaos.

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