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Yulli's vegetarian bar and restaurant, Surry Hills

Yulli’s vegetarian bar and restaurant, Surry Hills

It's Friday night and we're celebrating my belated birthday. As many of us girls are approaching the big 3-0, it seems that we're all seeking a healthy balance in work/life and have suddenly welcomed...

Meatless Monday: Loving Hut, Cabramatta

Vegan/vegetarian Asian restaurants are an interesting breed. For some reason, they're mostly obsessed with replicating the texture and appearance of original meat dishes. Despite the concept of mock meats being utterly confusing, I actually...

Badde Manors revisited

Being self-employed means working from home for the majority of the week. Or if i feel like getting out, then from a cafe. Those who follow me on Twitter will have seen my latest...
Shu-Yuan-–-Chinese-Vegetarian-Restaurant, Hobart

Shu Yuan – Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant

I love nothing more than stumbling across a great restaurant. And that's exactly what happened within the first few hours of arriving in Hobart! Shu Yuan is a tiny Chinese vegetarian restaurant, hidden within the...
About Life Natural Marketplace

Favourite Places: About Life Natural Marketplace + Community Detox

Are detox diets really good for you? This is often a question I think about, particularly when Jen and I decided to jump on the bandwagon and join the About Life Community Detox. Now,...
Mother-Chu’s-Vegetarian-Kitchen, Sydney

Mother Chu’s Vegetarian Kitchen

I've been working across the street from Mother Chu's Vegetarian Kitchen the last 9 months. So I jumped at the opportunity of finally lunching there when 2 workmates mentioned that they were planning on trying something new. The elderly Chinese have a respect for this place, and I can totally understand why. They serve delicious vegetarian alternatives and the Buddhist culture is truley brought out in the casual decor, genuine service and hearty menu. Catering for strict Buddhists means that there's no alcohol consumption on the premises. Sparkling juices are prepared in replacement of wine and beer. And tofu or soybean of all shapes and textures are served looking and sometimes even tasting like the meaty variation.

What does being a Vegetarian mean?

This is a true story. I was at Hey Hey Kebabs, Parramatta Road in Auburn last night, when a man walks in and places his order. "Can I get a doner kebab with extra mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, hommus... oh, and just a little bit of the meat, because I am a vegetarian."...

Badde Manors Cafe, Glebe

The plan today, was to have lunch along Glebe Point Road. There were these wooden bench seats beside a tall open window which caught my eye... and soon we were soaking in the sunshine....

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