While many are drawn to the Crown Complex at Melbourne for its gaming floor, I kept coming back for the food.
It was New Years Eve 2008 and amidst the loud crowd building up outside, Sho Noodle Bar was busy serving up plates of traditional Chinese cuisine and refilling pot after pot of really good tea.
There was a queue for proper tables so we took up the opportunity to sit at the bar which allowed me to witness the efficiency behind its open kitchen.
I was a little unsure of their four page tea menu, so the waiter talked me into trying the $6 pot of Qi Xian Nv Jasmine bloom tea which was as delicious as it was fascinating to watch. It was infused with soothing aromas of green tea and the perfect accompaniment to such a big meal! Yes, as usual, we over-ordered and over-ate, but the tea supported me well.

Sho Noodle Bar, Melbourne - jasmine blooming tea
Jasmine blossoming tea, $6

Sho Noodle Bar, Melbourne - Chinese sauces and condiments
Chinese condiments

Sho Noodle Bar, Melbourne - open kitchen
Open kitchen

We shared a variety of Sho’s specialty dishes including a spicy Assam fish curry with okra, tomatoes, onion and mint. We also had a selection of braised fungus and mushrooms which were cooked in a fragrant wine and garlic sauce. The earthy flavours were simply delectable. We followed with a staple plate of Singaporean stir-fried beehoon noodles which helped balance the rich dishes. Then I noticed the crayfish getting flash fried and tossed with honey, chilli and spring onions.As we shifted the dishes and teapots around to make room, the glistening dish arrived and we were hypnotized like munching machines.

Sho Noodle Bar, Melbourne - assam fish curry with okra, tomatoes, onion and mint
Assam fish curry with okra, tomatoes, onion and mint, $16.80

Sho Noodle Bar, Melbourne - selection of braised fungus and mushrooms
Selection of braised fungus and mushrooms, $15.80

Sho Noodle Bar, Melbourne - Singapore style noodles
Singapore style noodles, $17.80

Sho Noodle Bar, Melbourne - wok-fried crayfish with honey chilli and spring onion
Wok-fried crayfish with honey, chilli and spring onion, $39.50

New Years Eve crowd at Melbourne
New Years Eve crowd at Melbourne

Come here for the extensive tea list and the well executed Chinese, Malaysian and Singaporean dishes.
Sho on Urbanspoon
Sho Noodle Bar
Main gaming floor, Crown Entertainment Complex
8 Whiteman Street Southbank VIC
Phone: (03) 9292 6885

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