I am health conscious but I do not count calories and I most certainly do not weigh my meal portions! I’ll trim large bits of excess fat off my pork chops and chicken wings but I’ll never avoid eating them. I prefer full flavoured chips over the fat free alternatives and I’ve never said no to my stomach when it grumbled at an odd hour.
Lean Cuisine have just released a new range of frozen meals which claim to target specific areas of nutritional concern including protein, fibre, wholegrain and calcium. It is great knowing that so much research and thought has gone into producing these convenient meal kits, but does the taste stack up?
Creamy Chicken Pasta Bake
The creamy chicken pasta bake was my favourite of them all. Promoted to be a good source of calcium, I licked the cream sauce off my spoon ever so freely. There were tender strips of marinated roast chicken, peas, carrots and mushroom tossed in with penne pasta and topped with a breadcrumb and cheese mix. This hearty bake would be well liked by even those who aren’t health-conscious.

Lean Cuisine Everyday Wellbeing range -  creamy chicken pasta bake
Creamy chicken pasta bake

Beef Ravioli
I love a good napolitana sauce but found this basil and tomato sauce to be too tangy, too light and well, not quite enough. The pillows of beef ravioli were soft and wholesome but as much as it was meant to be helping me maintain muscle and a lean body mass, I would have preferred something richer.

Lean Cuisine Everyday Wellbeing range - beef ravioli
Beef ravioli

Chicken and Spinach Risotto
Have you ever made a tasty risotto in 5 minutes? With this Lean Cuisine meal, you can. The marinated chicken breast was flavoursome but a little rubbery, and as you can see in the photo below, it was a scrumptious and satisfying meal -an added bonus that it was also an excellent source of wholegrains!

Lean Cuisine Everyday Wellbeing range - chicken and spinach risotto
Chicken and spinach risotto

Meatball and Bean Casserole
This meatball and bean casserole tasted better than it looked -trust me. The meatballs were evidently flame-grilled and mixed with red kidney beans and green peas in a creamy tomato sauce. The mashed potato and herb dollops provided enough carbs for me to call it a meal. Overall, a rather delicious source of fibre.

Lean Cuisine Everyday Wellbeing range - meatball and bean casserole
Meatball and bean casserole

Lean Cuisine Everyday Wellbeing range
Available in supermarkets nationwide, RRP $6.29

For more information, visit www.nestle.com.au/leancuisine
Why don’t you be the judge? 🙂