How’s that for a rhyming blog post title? This blog post takes us back to November 26, the date where for the first time ever, I attended two weddings in one day!

Unfortunately, it meant we were only able to attend one reception, but I’m really glad we were able to make it to both ceremonies.

It hasn’t been much of a Summer in Sydney this year and the lead up to Summer was no different. Sydneysiders were drenched the entire week prior to the weddings. So I guess it was no surprise that for the first time ever, I also had to wear boots to a wedding!

Wedding of T and Shan at Rose Gardens, Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

The first wedding was held at the Rose Garden in Royal Botanic Gardens. It was such an enchanging space, even with the rain!

Thankfully the clouds cleared immediately after the bride and groom kissed 🙂

Congratulations T and Shan! xx

Zen, T, Shan and me

Rose gardens, Royal Botanic Gardens - an enchanting space

Roses at Royal Botanic Gardens

With a few hours to spare, and a grumbling tum in tow, we head to nearby Malay-Chinese Takeaway for some comfort food. Despite what the restaurant’s name may suggest, this is very much an eat-in restaurant – although takeaway is also very popular.

I’ve never worked near the Wynyard end of the CBD before so I’ve never had the opportunity of lunching here. It’s a shame they don’t open for dinner. Nonetheless, we are finally here!

And beneath empty office towers, this hidden gem is buzzing.

MalayChinese menu and full house

Many have claimed Malay-Chinese Takeaway’s laksa as Sydney’s best, so I can’t go past it (even though the sun has now come out and it is sweltering hot!)

Yep… a hot noodle soup on a warm day, while wearing a silk dress. Call me crazy.

Disposable bibs are available for just 30 cents but I’ve been slurping noodle soups for 27 years! I barely need it.

The chicken & king prawn laksa ($11.50) is the perfect noodle soup fix. The manner of serving doesn’t do it much justice as it lacks any garnishes but it’s one bloody good laksa. The oil and creaminess is well balanced, and the spicness is accentuated with some extra sambal. I love how vivid and inviting the bowl in its entirety looks…

My favourite part of eating laksa is the way the deep-fried tofu acts as a sponge, soaking in all the wonderful soup. Mix in everything else, this laksa is so texturally satisfying.

Laksa at MalayChinese

Below is the condiments tray. Malay-Chinese Takeaway has a canteen-style set-up where you pay first then collect your food and cutlery, etc. They’re super speedy when it comes to dishing out their laksas.

Condiments at MalayChinese

Zen has the Hainan chicken rice ($8.70) which includes a bowl of really good soup. It’s not the common chicken broth, but a cleansing watercress soup which he gleefully slurps up.

Chicken rice at MalayChinese

Luscious slices of chicken hides beneath a jungle of ginger, coriander and spring onion. The chilli and ginger vinegar dipping sauce spruces up everything it touches…

The chicken rice overall is flavourful but definitely not the best we’ve ever had.

Close-up of chicken rice at MalayChinese

Living so close to the city, we decide it’d be worthwhile to head home so I can slip out of my stockings and boots and into some fancier heels.

And by the late afternoon, Sydney looked as though it had never rained!

Bec and Jono's wedding at Observatory Hill

So this is us at the second wedding, at Observatory Hill; it was so beautiful. Please excuse me while I get a little emotional :”)

At Bec and Jono's wedding

A wander around the park, a romantic stroll to George Street and a bus ride later, we find ourselves at Marigold Restaurant. I’ve blogged about the wedding banquet at Marigold before so I won’t repeat myself. But do know that it’s an extremely divine feast!

Snapshot of Marigold's Chinese wedding banquet

One of the funniest sightings of the night, was the yumcha style trolleys of beer:

Yum-cha style beer trolley

And last but not least, a photo of us (and Tracy) with the newly weds –

Zen, me and Tracy with the newly wedded Chinwahs!

Congratulations Bec & Jono! xx

Bring on more weddings, 2012!

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58 Hunter Street, Sydney, NSW
Phone: (02)9231 6788

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Marigold Citymark
Levels 4 & 5, 683-689 George Street, Sydney NSW
Phone (02) 9217 6090

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