Vegan/vegetarian Asian restaurants are an interesting breed. For some reason, they’re mostly obsessed with replicating the texture and appearance of original meat dishes. Despite the concept of mock meats being utterly confusing, I actually love the taste of it all!

Due to the large Buddhist population, Cabramatta is home to some of the best vegetarian and vegan Vietnamese restaurants in Sydney. Loving Hut is one of my faves.

Loving Hut is actually part of the world’s fastest growing vegan restaurant franchise, and dining here requires you to look past the religious propaganda broadcasted throughout the restaurant. It’s all a bit bizarre but if you’re curious, this forum unravels part of the mystery.

Food-wise, everything is simply delicious. The menu contains over 50 options and there are some great sharing options on the ‘yum cha’ and appetisers menu, mostly $5 – $10. Think along the lines of prawn dumplings, peking duck, mushroom congee, soy chicken and salad.

Loving Hut Cabramatta - vegetarian summer rolls

The summer rolls are 4 for $5. They’re tightly rolled parcels of soy meat, with all the usual suspects of herbs and vermicelli. Dipped into the hoisin and peanut sauce, it’s hard to even remember that what you’re eating is vegetarian!

The fried seaweed rolls ($6) are as scrumptious. Lightly battered, the seaweed adds a depth of flavour to an otherwise simple deep-fried treat.

Loving Hut Cabramatta - vegetarian fried seaweed rolls

Heartier main courses include two pages of noodles! The vegetarian pho ($8) is worth trying, but I also love the vegetarian bun rieu ($9) which is the tomato and “crab” meat noodle soup. The broth is fragrant and nourishing and the crab meat has been cleverly replaced with all sorts of tofu.

Loving Hut Cabramatta - vegetarian bun rieu

The vegetarian banh canh chua ($10) is slightly less exciting. The thickened soup is aromatic but a little bland in comparison to the bun rieu which has a great balance of flavours and textures.

Loving Hut Cabramatta - vegetarian banh canh cua

Vegetarian restaurants such as Loving Hut makes it so easy to go meatless!

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Loving Hut
227 Cabramatta Road West, Cabramatta, NSW
Phone: (02) 9755 4410

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