Marriott Hotels and Resorts, flagship brand from Marriott International, Inc., recently rebranded and they’ve launched a campaign called Travel Brilliantly which engages the next generation of travellers to co-create the future of travel. To kick it off, a few key bloggers and myself were asked to share our vision.

I couldn’t agree more with their mindset – that a hotel isn’t bound by four walls; that travelling isn’t only about where you stay. Thanks to advances in technology, travelling for me (I’m sure it is the same for many of you) is always a seamless blend between work and play. A great hotel is one that effortlessly transitions into a home away from home, or an office away from the office.

We were asked to re-imagine what the future of travel would look like in the categories of Style & Design, Eat & Drink, Technology and Health & Wellness.

Dining in Santorini Greece
Above: Dining in Greece

For me, I would love a local food matchmaker. You know, like those clever dating matchmaker services, but one that connects local food lovers with travellers.

La Boqueria Market in Barcelona
Above: Exploring La Boqueria Market in Barcelona

When food lovers travel, we spend months researching on the best hidden gems, we’re on the phone at unusual hours to make restaurant bookings at the other side of the world, and when we’re there, we’re always on the prowl for the best street hawkers, cafes, stores, markets and cooking classes. While the hunt is all part of a great culinary adventure, it’s usually the locals we meet along the way that shapes the experience – and that only happens by chance.

Making onde onde
Above: Making onde onde

Imagine if hotels could offer personalised experiences with locals who are matched by interests – such as cooking with a local home-cook in their own kitchen or sharing breakfast with a local small business owner. Imagine the stories you would hear, the hidden gems you could discover, the local knowledge you would acquire. Food as an universal experience could connect vastly different people in such enriching ways.

Food travel - durian in Singapore, Indian street food roti in Malaysia, soursop in Vanuatu, and Teh C Special with Pandan hawker drink in Penang
Above: Durian in Singapore, Indian street food in Malaysia, soursop in Vanuatu, and teh c special with pandan hawker drinks in Penang

But enough about my vision, share yours and you could win one of 4 $1500 vouchers that can be spent at any Marriott hotel around the world! There’s one $1500 voucher per category. The sort of entries they’re looking for would be:

  • Innovative
  • Surprising
  • Original
  • Useful that can make future hotel experience a little more brilliant

For more information and to submit your game changing idea to make travel more brilliant, go to

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