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With Christmas and the holiday season fast approaching, the pressure of hosting a lunch or dinner party may feel overwhelming. Here are 5 practical shortcuts to help you enjoy the moment:

1. Decorate with nature

Fresh blooms make an easy centrepiece but if you don’t have time to hit the florist, try a tree branch! Appreciate it in its natural form or spray it with a metallic coat for a bit of fun!

2. Simplify the drinks

Instead of offering a full bar, serve a few large batches of cocktails in pitchers and leave them at the table. Add a chic touch with fresh fruit and some greenery (mint or basil work well).

3. Mix luxe with frugal

Take advantage of store-bought options and glam it up with homemade sides and quality basics. The Woolworths Gold range features some pretty fabulous options including truffled salami made from free-range pork sourced from the Darling Downs in Queensland and Italian black truffles; burrata, an artisan fresh style Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream; hand cured Tasmanian smoked salmon; fruit mince pies made with a dash of Glenfarclas (a 10 year old single-malt Scotch whisky); and turducken. Yes, turducken, an American-inspired turkey stuffed with chicken, duck and a fig and pistachio stuffing). I love that this conveniently comes ready-to-roast.

4. Go family-style

Bring the kitchen to the table; nothing looks more appetising than a bountiful table! Pile seasonal fruits onto large platters, serve the main course from the pan.

5. Outsource the clean-up

I’ve become a big fan of Airtasker recently, having outsourced a few much-dreaded chores. There are willing people in your local area who will do a stellar job at cleaning while you put your feet up. Check it out. You’re welcome.

Woolworths gold christmas 2013 range
Image source: Fresh Magazine

This post is sponsored by the Woolworths Gold range.

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