When I was a child, I remember liking my mum’s green Tupperware container because there was a cool picture of a seal on the lid. Small things, right?

The Tupperware brand is a respected household name, almost an institution for housewives and homemakers. Look in your mum’s cupboard and you’ll probably find a piece of Tupperware, something that has been there for as long as you can remember. Tupperware products have been backed with a lifetime guarantee for over 49 years, and the durability has earned it a respected place in the kitchen.

The Tupperware summer collection
Snack Cups, as part of set of 4 ($26.00) and Snack On-the-Go Set ($18.00)

Tupperware has just launched its new Spring Summer line. The Good Life collection features a range of bright new products in bright pinks and greens as well as a fresh blue and white themed coastal collection.

Stack of tupperware
From top; Snack On-The-Go as part of set ($18.00), Snack Bowl as part of Active Lunch Set ($79.00), Square Round as part of Coastal Picnic Set ($185.00)

Coastal Life Tupperware
Coastal Bowl Set ($119.00), Coastal Divided Server ($37.00) and Insulated Picnic Bag with Divider (as part of Coastal Picnic Set, $185.00)

While we’re talking all things Tupperware, here are a few fun facts you might not have known about Tupperware and its creator, Earl Tupper.

Earl Tupper was an inventive man, driven to make himself a million dollars before he was 30 years old. He worked as a post-office employee and railway employee before he took a course in tree surgery and began a landscaping business called Tupper Tree-Doctors. This venture failed during the Great Depression however, and he declared bankruptcy at age 30 instead of earning his million.

Tupper fancied himself as a latter day Leonardo Da Vinci, and dreamed up a range of inventions that did not take off like Tupperware later would. Among these, a fish propelled boat in which a large fish is harnessed to the bottom of the vessel, a no-drip ice cream cone, stomach flattening corset for women, and photo belt-buckle.

Sandwich Keeper Duo ($32.00)

Tupper created Tupperware in the early 1940s. Through experimenting with a waste by-product of the oil refining process, he was able to refine it and produce Poly-T or plastic, a flexible, durable, non-toxic product. He focused on producing a range of plastic storage containers to keep food fresh in the refrigerator, and patented the ingenious Tupper Seal to keep containers airtight.  When it hit shelves however, it was poorly received because consumers did not understand the product.

The products were also distributed through private household companies, and sales grew in this market. It was only when the Tupperware Party concept was introduced by home saleswoman Brownie Wise that the product began to take off. It became so successful that products were removed from shelves and distributed solely through the parties.

Frog backpack
Freckles Frog Day Pack Set comprising backpack, sandwich keeper, snack cup and drink bottle ($59.00)

Tupper sold his company in 1958 for $16 million and bought an island off Costa Rica where he lived and avoided taxes until he died. What else has a multi-millionaire got to do?

Tupperware drink bottle
Active Carrier Large Coral/Purple ($14.00)

Such is the legend of Tupperware that there is set to be a movie released in the not-too-distant future.  The movie about the plastic fantastic has been acquired by Sony and will feature Sandra Bullock as Brownie Wise. I can only hope it will feature a fish-propelled boat somewhere. It’s the perfect opportunity to pack some lollies into a Tupperware for a sneaky snack. There’s a Tupperware for all occasions!

Tupperware giveaway

Want to show up mum’s Tupperware collection and score yourself some of the fantastic plastic? You can with our Tupperware Giveaway! We have a Tupperware Coastal Picnic Set (pictured above) valued at $185 up for grabs, which includes; 

4 x square rounds
4 x modular bowls
1 x sweet keeper
1 x snack bowl
1 x serving centre small
4 x rippled tumblers
1 x insulated picnic bag with divider

We also have two Everyday Bowls sets for runners up valued at $46.00 each, comprising a set of four brightly coloured multi-purpose bowls with lids. 

How to enter

The weather is warming up and it’s the perfect time to get out in the sunshine with some food and friends. To enter the Tupperware Giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post, Facebook, Instagram or Tweet us and tell us what snacks and food you would pack for a spring picnic.


Competition Terms and Conditions

  • This giveaway is open to Australian residents only
  • Entries can be made via this blog post, as a comment on this Facebook post or Instagram post, or as a post on Twitter using the hashtag #tupperwaregiveaway
  • This is a game of skill, entrants will be judged on creativity, originality and entertainment value. The first winner will win the major prize (RRP $185) and two subsequent winners will each win the runner-up prizes (RRP $46).
  • Competition entries close on Monday 6th October 2014 at 9:00am AEST, winners will be announced on this page on the same day


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